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Until now, there was no one place for content professionals to find all the information they needed. Inspired by indycarbuzz and Protopage, is an RSS aggregator site providing a continuously updated dashboard of technical communication, content strategy, UX/UI, and design news from all over the Web.

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Technical Details
The Drupal 7 base theme is Omega 3.x, using the Delta add-on.

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About Ed Marsh
I am a technical communicator with over 20 years of experience. I created this site to give back to the content community, including those working in technical communication, content strategy, user experience (UX), and design. You can learn more about me at my personal site.
I created the site in Drupal because, well, I like Drupal, I thought it was the best tool for the job, and I like a challenge. I'm also a supporter of the Drupal Association.

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